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Festivals Not To Miss in Trinidad

Trinidad has so many awesome events and attractions.  Many travelers plan their visits around the different festivals throughout the year. Visiting a city like Trinidad while a festival is going on can be a unique opportunity to see the heart of the people and the pueblo. Below are the can’t miss festivals in Trinidad, Cuba.

Trinifolk-Cultural Drum & Dance Spectacular: 

Trinifolk is an awesome cultural event, this year (2017) held from Nov 27-Dec 2 in Trinidad, Cuba just a block away from where I live, at the Casa de Cultura on Calle Rosario.The celebration is dedicated to Amador Ramírez, founder of the Folkloric Ballet of Trinidad, and to Las Cuevas Orchestra, an emblematic musical group of the territory.The multidisciplinary festivity offers local residents an opportunity to enjoy the performance of some of the best and most devoted musical artists and performers from the Cuban provinces of Guantánamo, Las Tunas, Villa Clara, Santiago de Cuba, and Ciego de Avila.

Semana de la Cultura – During this week there are lots of cultural, artistic and popular activities all around Trinidad. It is typical to experience activities like fairs, art exhibitions, music on the street and folk shows. When: Second week of January

Jose Marti’s Birthdate – Thousands of Cubans, youths, soldiers, members of the Cuban Communist Youth Union (UJC) and student organizations gather together in the Plaza Mayor to celebrate Jose Marti’s birthdate. When: January 28th

Trinidad Cross Procession – The way of the Cross Procession is a religious tradition that passes through the colonial cobblestone streets of Trinidad every year on Good Friday. As part of the Easter celebrations, the procession was originally designed to trick looting pirates and it follows a route marked by crosses. When: Good Friday

Eneida Batista’s Saint Party – African religious ceremony (Bembe or Saint Beat of Drum), due to the Eneida Batista’s devotion anniversary who was one of the oldest centers (people who are believed to be saints in these African religions). When: March 22nd

May Day Celebrations – The 1st of May is a special day all around Cuba. This is when Cuba honors workers of all classes and occupations, celebrates its socialism, and national pride. This is when you will see the most Cuban flags hanging around the town of Trinidad and if you are a photographer this is when you want to visit. There are cultural and music performances as well as leaders making speeches. Whether you are a supporter of Cuba’s politics or not, the occasion is worth seeing. When: May 1st every year. Where: Across all Cuba.

Cukalambiano Festival – Folklore celebration, music, dances and horse tournaments. When: May 3rd

Carnival – Parades take over the streets of Trinidad during Carnival. When: June

San Antonio – African religious ceremony (Bembe or Saint Beat of Drum) When: June 18th – 21st

Santa Cecilia (Patron Saint of the Music) – Activities begin with the curfew very early in the morning. During the day there are activities related to the music and groups playing on the streets. At night at the Santísima Trinidad Church, a special mass is given in which music interpretations and processions are made. When: November 22nd

Santa Barbara – Chango for santeros (people who are believed to be saints in these African religions). It is one of the main Orishas. Velada December 3rd; December 4th: Procession and Bembe (beat of a drum for Saints). When: December 3rd to 12th

Posadas – It is a Christmas celebration that consists of processions at night with children dressed like shepherds. They walk the streets of Trinidad singing Christmas songs. When: December 15 – 23rd

San Lazaro – Babalu Aye for santeros, it is one of the other principal Orishas. Procession and Bembe (beat of a drum for Saints). When: December 17th

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