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11 Months.. but who’s counting?

Familiar strong voices drift through the open windows. The shuffle of the street awakening shares the ethers with chirping birdsongs and horse hooves on cobblestone.  The men laugh and banter back and forth as they pass each other, open doors, and join the choir of life.  The women laugh from inside the house calling out to add their voices to the bantering and good spirit of the day as they prepare to go to the market or sweep their front steps. The air is filled with peace, joviality and neighborly sharing.  It warms my heart and invites me into my work and day with comfort from my warm cocoon within.

My days are spent working just as they would be if I were in the USA, time online, working, and in my free time sharing with friends, cooking, shopping, dancing, walking in nature, swimming in the seas, and mostly just inviting myself into life.

I have been mostly here in this world of Cuba for almost 11 months, but who’s counting?  I’ve come and go within the time frames necessary to keep my visas in good standing of course, but I have been here, studying, writing, learning, sharing, and experiencing this world for much of that time.  I have led several groups and really love sharing this magical island with people who come to see a way of life that our culture has mostly completely lost.  I am more in love with Cuba and its people than ever, and deeply saddened by the new laws that are going to impact my friends and beloveds here in ways that are not as supportive as we would all like.

It feels like much longer to be honest, but it was just over a year ago that I gave up my striving for success and committed myself to finding a way to stay out of the good old USA for as much time as possible.  My culture and country was making me sick, physically, emotionally and mentally.  The news, the media, the constant bombardment of wifi and EMF assault on my admittedly overly sensitive nervous system was pushing me into a well of depression and despair.  The isolation and whole infrastructure of how my country is set up just never ever served me somehow.  The constant stress to achieve and do more, be more, and the insanity of technoculture’s overpowering assumptions that we need more of it, along with the fact that there are just way too many shootings, and too much gun violence all had my system churning.  The result of it was that with every passing year, I was becoming more anxious, more depressed, more isolated and more of who I do not want to be.

And, more than anything, I wanted to try to live another dream I had, and to do what everyone told me was virtually impossible.

Now, almost a year later, my old life feels like a faded memory and my life here has become a world in and of itself.  I am becoming less and less American the longer I stay, and it suits me just fine.  When I walk through the streets of Trinidad, I hear happy voices and good natured comments, “Oye, Cubana..” I know I can never be truly Cubana, but I am honored and touched that they all recognize how my heart connects to them in their world.

I’ve just finished the first major round of edits to The Breath of Cuba Part II, and I will be sending it to edit by November and hoping to have it published and ready for you to enjoy by January of 2021.  I hope you’ll continue to share, and read about my journey and more than anything that my life can somehow inspire yours so that you too will choose to follow the wildest dream you have, against all odds.  I offer lifestyle programs and coaching for select individuals who are serious about bringing dreams to life.  I’ve been doing it most of my life, and there is a system, it’s duplicatable and I can teach it to you.  I only work with a few people a year, because the work is intensive and it’s a commitment to the rest of your life.  If you’re interested, hit me up and I’ll share with you how you can apply to be considered.

If you want to visit me in Cuba, the door is always open. Do NOT believe the hype. It’s not hard to come, and I have all you need to make your trip amazing, legal, safe and all you want from Cuba and more.  I combine Cuba with Lifecoaching and my clients have had incredible experiences while transforming their lives from the inside out.


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