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About this Book

Part I was Written in 2012, and published/printed in 2014.  Part II was written in 2012 about Cheri’s second trip to Cuba in 2012,  and will be published in 2020.  Part III takes place between 2015-2017.  A novel based on the true story is in process but it will be fiction.

In this inspiring adventure of one woman’s soul stirring journey to the core of her truest essence, through the heart of Cuba, Cheri Shanti has created a poignant and empowering story of personal growth, self acceptance, and cultural richness, that will have readers engaged and intrigued page after page.

A touching narrative that is brilliantly and refreshingly honest and raw, The Breath of Cuba, takes the reader on a journey from the comforts of domesticity and modern culture,  through the fires of transformation via the catalysing forces of a lost love, into the mysterious, magical heart of Cuba where community, culture, and music create a therapeutic soup for one woman’s journey back to her Self.

The Breath of Cuba traces a journey through the mysterious and deep world of the female psyche with a constant backdrop of music, men, and magic.  It follows one woman’s travels over the span of two separate trips to Cuba, one for 3 weeks and the other for 7 weeks.  Cheri writes candidly and sensually about her experiences living in a culture that is not her own, but that quickly makes more sense to her and feels more like a home she has always wanted to have.

The Breath of Cuba is also a timely cultural snapshot of a culture at the brink of change.  The story brings the flavor of Cuba alive and celebrates it’s rich cultural heritage in a way that few other books on Cuba will because of the intimate connection Cheri created with the people through coming there as a student of music and culture.

Cheri was taken in as family.  She won the hearts of the people there for love her expressive spirit, her love of their culture, dance and music.  She shares with the reader magical moments that most tourists never would have access to.  She takes you to Santeria ceremonies where ancient African rituals and incantations are the norm and you will feel like you are in the room sweating and dancing with her.

She takes you twirling under the stars dancing to salsa with countless men,  into living rooms and bedrooms behind closed doors where passionate embraces and deliciously erotic sexual moments give a raw and exciting glimpse of another side of the feminine spirit and of romance in Cuba.

It is a book that shares deeply about a woman’s desires, fears, fantasies and wisdom and offers a unique lens of living a life where Passion, Purpose and Possibility become intertwined as a lifestyle that can and inspire human evolution.  It is a book that celebrates the human spirit as it evolves through community and the arts.

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