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In the Face of CoVid 19 in Trinidad, Cuba

Trinidad´s culture invites to stay home

Ysabel Muñoz Martinez is a personal friend of Cheri Shanti who lives in Trinidad, Cuba. Ysabel is a very educated and inspirational young woman who cares deeply about the environment, social justice, art and her Cuban culture. She offers walking tours in Trinidad, Cuba and is part of The Breath of Cuba core team.

Ysabel Muñoz Martínez

July, 2020

The isolation imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic affects Trinidad’s cultural landscape quite significantly, compared with the rest of Cuba. The charming Historical Center, always full of life, music and joy, today rests from passers-by and art & crafts must stay at home, behind closed doors. 

However, thanks to the digital world that has arrived just recently to the country, we Trinitarians keep ourselves aware of the work of our many artists and creators, who continue to offer the best to the inhabitants of the so-called Museum City of the Caribbean.

Through social networks we had learned of the initiative of Entre Agujas (Between Needles), a project awarded last February as “Excelencias del Arte” (by the Spanish group Excelencias). These women who usually teach and learn how to sew with traditional techniques like crochet and embroidering, now are making free masks from recycled fabric, and thus contribute to the protection of vulnerable communities against the pandemic. 

Artistic nasobucos (masks) manufactured and designed by the Callejas project in Trinidad. Image taken from their Facebook page.

The cultural/editorial Callejas project is now working with a similar strategy. Through its Facebook profile, the members called for personalizing and decorating masks with art and poetry. This young team, usually focused on making craft books with old techniques, today synthesizes in these masks a motto that we are hearing more and more often: art saves!


Regarding music, the promotion of the new record Tal como somos (As we are), by the Cofradía Duo, under the production of Bis Music label, has been echoing too. Since May 4th, we have been able to enjoy on more than 60 digital platforms a compendium of 11 songs as a summary of more than 20 years of artistic work. Lía and Pachi also have the collaboration of distinguished Cuban artists such as Liuba María Hevia, Alain Pérez and Gema Corredera, as well as the local project +Nuevo. “Eleven songs with generic and rhythmic differences accompanied by great musicians,” declares the duo about the proposal they gave us, to stay at home and safe.


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