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After the Long Pause

The Long Pause.  Time to reflect, reset, refocus.

It’s been a while.  Months have a way of passing into years quickly when life is full and busy.

There’s a lot to catch my readers up on and slowly, I will begin to piece together the missing chapters of this continuing love affair with Cuba.

The dream is still very much in motion in every moment of my life.  Revisiting old stories is a necessary process that I know will bring up even deeper healing possibilities to work through.  I haven’t even yet had the courage to crack open my memoirs from those missing chapters.  I am still in the internal process of deciding what, when and how Part 3 of the Breath of Cuba trilogy will emerge.  The stirrings within are guiding me softly, and from the quiet places inside, I am feeling the call to begin the journey and complete the series.

Our life’s stories are never all good or all bad.  Life is a constant swirl of ups and downs and all arounds.  There is never a real pause, only a shifting of energy and focus from one thing to the next.

My last entry here was in June of 2022.  My websites were infected by malware and went down for some time, and I just let them sit there, allowing a deep long pause of my work and story online.  With the birth of The Breath of Cuba Dance School, in my home town, I decided to bring it back online and continue sharing my story as it continues to evolve through life.

I am now married to a lovely, kind, powerful man who I met in Cuba some time ago. We were married in June of 2023 and shared an amazing day with my family and dance community in my home town which we are actively creating together.  Our day to day life is rich, and filled with beauty and we have every intention of someday returning to Cuba with travelers and hosting them in our own casa there.  For now, we are building our lives in Florida, and working together teaching dance, and bringing our shared passion of Cuban culture to my home community.

Thank you for continuing to follow my story and keep posted, little by little, I’ll fill in the blanks and start putting together Part 3 of my story.  It will span nearly 8 years of my experiences in Cuba and be the final book in the series. Part 3 will take you through the years of a deeply confusing and traumatic time of learning how narcissism can devastate one’s life and ability to trust, and  into a healing that led me to be able to recognize what a healthy partnership can be like with the man who became the love of my life.

Keep following us on Facebook and YouTube, and I’ll post a few excerpts here as I get started on putting the missing years together.

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