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Lights Out: Cuba’s Power Problem

The white glowing globe of the full moon hangs between old concrete buildings with rusted metal bars over open windows.  The peeling chipped off paint, in bright, but fading, yellows and blues somehow looks beautiful under the moon.  The streets…

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Cuba’s MLC System

By the installation of the MLC:  the government is choking their own people with an overly futuristic ambition in a country  crippled by a non-existent economy.   Many Cubans are facing a forced inequality with this new system of payment for…

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In the Face of CoVid 19 in Trinidad, Cuba

Trinidad´s culture invites to stay home Ysabel Muñoz Martínez July, 2020 The isolation imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic affects Trinidad's cultural landscape quite significantly, compared with the rest of Cuba. The charming Historical Center, always full of life, music and…

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Cuba Re-Opening for Travelers – CoVid 19

Avid Cuban travelers, dancers and beach seekers are anxiously awaiting news on when we can return to the jewel of the Caribbean, and news has been coming out since May about openings and attempts at opening.  The latest, breaking news is that Cuba plans to reopen its beach resorts to international tourism but with great precautions and little by little.
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Is Cuba Safe?

In the case of Cuba, it is vital that you are very mindful of who you listen to.  Speak to someone who has lived there, who knows Cuba well or who visits often to get the most honest response to…

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