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Timeless Love

The soft chuckling of hens scratching around in the brush picking at anything they can find to eat is accompanied by the gentle swish of a broom clearing the walkways of leaves and dust and the occasional thud of falling…

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First Impressions

The random, flat thud of mangos falling from the trees form the backdrop of my morning soundscape for my first morning back in Trinidad, Cuba.  Coupled with the gentle chatter of song birds, and the not so gentle clucking of…

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A Parade of Memories

I am guilty of not remembering them on this Memorial Day.  They are not first and foremost on my mind even though in my heart I am grateful for all they have done in service to freedom.  Those who lost…

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Home of My Heart: Post CoVid Return 2022

https://youtu.be/bFAmiItpoF0 The plane is buzzing with the familial chatter of Cubans.  This is always one of the most comforting moments of my journey, surrounded by a feeling of inclusion and connection, even amongst total strangers. The chatter and childrens' voices…

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Una Carta a Cuba: Gracias y Amor

Para mi gente y amigos en Cuba: los amo. Te echo de menos. Estoy esperando el día en que pueda volver a tocar tu hermoso rostro, abrazarte en mis brazos, bailar contigo, llorar contigo, caminar contigo y hablar contigo y…

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Cuba Travel Update: December 6 2020

  • December 7, 2020
  • Blog

Friends in Cuba are telling me that there are concerns about the opening.. naturally, some spikes expected, but they are needing to try to open for economic reasons. In Trinidad, I'm hearing that the clubs are reopening, with caps on…

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Katya’s Fall

A short excerpt from the upcoming novel I've been working on: A thick veil hung in front of her vision.  She strained to see, but the air was dense, foggy and thick.    "Amor, Ayudame, por favor, ayudame," she heard…

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