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The Day the Music Stopped in Trinidad, Cuba Corona Virus Update

Cuban news tonite announced all Casa de musicas in Cuba closed from tomorrow until further notice. It sounds like Trova and many other venues may be following suite tomorrow. Cuba is being very proactive. Nurses are going door to door educating people, checking students and workers for the virus and quarantining many with suspected exposure. Almost every store and restaurant now has hand washing stations with bleach at the door.

I love Cuba AND I feel they are making a poor choice in keeping the border open and closing music venues. They would have been smarter to close the border and keep the music going in my opinion. Hundreds of musicians and dancers out of work and Cuba without music is not going to help tourism anyway so its a lose lose lose: more potential for infection with open borders, less money for the people, and a more depressed situation for both. I get the economy issue of it: but when will the well being of human life be more important than money??

Cuba may be more prepared than some countries or it may not but closing the border before there is a real problem would be the most intelligent preventative measure they could take to protect the people.

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