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Cuba Travel Update: December 6 2020

Friends in Cuba are telling me that there are concerns about the opening.. naturally, some spikes expected, but they are needing to try to open for economic reasons. In Trinidad, I’m hearing that the clubs are reopening, with caps on the numbers of people who can enter, and some increases in prices for travelers to help the Cubans bounce back.

The psychological impact of CoVid will be as great as the economic and physical, and may last a long time. A few updates here if you’re thinking of a trip to Cuba. On the positive: the case load there is relatively low in comparison to many countries, but I personally am not recommending people to travel right now to Cuba, but if you really need to or want to, PLEASE BE TESTED BEFORE YOU GO, and know that you will be tested when you arrive and you will have to do some time in quarantine to wait out the test results.  Click here to Read More.

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