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Cuba’s Dance World Holds Far More Than Rhumba and Salsa

For many people, when they think of dance in Cuba, it’s almost impossible to think of anything other than salsa, rhumba, cha cha cha or the Afro Influenced Folkloric forms.  Cuba is also world renowned however, for dance in many other disciplines, including, but not limited to flamenco, jazz, contemporary, and ballet as well as other modern dance forms that are more expressive and expansive.

In an article published in Cuba Plus Magazine, the author, Alexandor Tineo, states

“Among the many, not always justified, attributes that Cubans represent to the world, perhaps the most prevalent are: we are good musicians, we have an enviable sense of humor and, of course, we know dance.

While this is true as a general rule for almost all inhabitants of the archipelago, it is also true that these “labels” can be more narrowly confined to the most popular manifestations of our culture. It is evident that Cuba is obviously deeper, more grounded in reflection, in developed language, in metaphor, and even in virtuosity.” Alexandar Tineo (Cuba Plus Magazine)

FiDanza in Trinidad is just one of many such festivals that feature many different forms and styles of dance in Cuba.  Here are a few videos of some different forms that were represented. You can feel the passion, the practice, and the virtuosity in these yound adults as they share their hearts through the dance with us.

In my time in Cuba, I have been fortunate to be able to witness many different styles and forms of their virtuosity in both dance and music. Cuba’s musicality is an expression of their adaptability and powerful self expression in every way.  To learn more about the world of dance in Cuba beyond the generically sold salsa and rhumba worlds, visit Cuba Plus Magazine’s Dance Archives which is filled with articles on the different forms of dance that you can find access to in Cuba, visit my YouTube channel often for uploads and shares and keep reading on the blog here.


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