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Los Ojos de Oya

Los Ojos De Oya

Her eyes see everything

Both in this world and in the worlds beyond
She fears no man, nor death
Her love is a force; once known never to be forgotten
She is swift, sensual, soft and ever elusive

Yet she can be fierce, savage and unpredictable when angered

She needs no sword for her allies are everywhere
She is the keeper of the cemetery-the caster of spells

The very breath of life: she is the wind that can calm or destroy upon command

She will dance upon the grave of the unjust
Laughing in the face of death


Deep in the night, I wake to feel your breath

On my skin, slowly wandering in

I am awake to you, Forever more

I hear you licking the palms, as they dance in delight

Inviting me to Journey with your sight..

We have danced a million dances

Traveled like dust aross a million skies

Touched the untouchables,  made allies out of those others would cast aside and fear

We have risen through the portals of death, and danced from beneath the grave

Making sanctuary out of cemetery

To bring heaven into form again

You have lent me your eyes, and taught me to see

You call me home again and again and again

Inviting me to ride with you between the worlds

Like the dancing palms, I am captive to your desires

Always willing to ride with you

To fly with you

To rage and sing and die into you

The Eyes of Oya

My vision

My love

My Life

My Eternal Ally

For this world and beyond

I am yours

Forever more.

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