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Haila Maria Mompie at FIHAV- Close and Personal

I was invited to attend FIHAV  from October 30 to November 3, 2017 at the EXPOCUBA fairground as a guest by my friend, Dominic Soave.  Dominic is the editor of Cuba Plus Magazine. FIHAV is known to be the most important general commercial exchange in Cuba and one of the most representative in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Cuba Plus is a beautifully created quarterly magazine that features all of the best of Cuba’s culture, art, fashion, music and commercial creations.  (I highly recommend downloading the app and subscribing to the magazine as a collector’s item that continues to educate and enrich you around Cuban culture.)

As an entrepreneur, FIHAV was something I was very interested in experiencing and seeing first hand to get an idea of who is doing business in Cuba, who wants to do business in Cuba, and what a big fair like this would be like in Cuba.  I had no idea what to expect, but the event most definitely surpassed any expectations I could have possible had.  The EXPOCUBA fairground is a huge space and there were many countries represented there including Spain, France, Germany, USA, China, Japan, South Africa and many others.  It was a clear demonstration of how hungry the world is to do business with and in Cuba in the near future, and an awesome place to meet people who share an interest and passion for Cuba, business and culture.

Cuba Plus sponsored a showcase performance by one of their celebrated up and coming powerhouse female singers, Haila Maria Mompie.  “Considered one of Cuba’s major female voices, Haila María Mompie, or simply Haila, as her fans call her, just recorded her fifth CD “Mala” – Spanish for “Bad” – with which she crowns her dreams of becoming a singer.” (CubaPlus)

I got the honor of being able to attend this special interview and showcase event, and instantly fell in love with Haila for her sensual power as a woman, and of course for her musicality and freedom of expression.  Haila has a soft genuine warmth that exudes the power and strength of Cuba and the feminine.

Read more here about Haila at Cuba Plus and subscribe to keep posted on their always informative articles and shares on Cuban culture, music, art and business.

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