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The Humanity Cuba Offers Us to Heal our Hearts

The music and dancing are only one aspect of what continues to draw me deep into the heart of Cuba’s culture and lifestyle.  There are many other things that I resonate with in the culture that are intangibles.  The way people interact with each other, the day to day interactions, the values of family and community as priorities and the undeniable shared humanity that finds you on every corner, and in every pair of eyes in Cuba.

I met a young traveler in the Havana Airport and we spoke at length of the distinctions between the USA and Cuba culturally and socially.  She shared a lot with me in two hours together at the airport, and her heart’s calling was so easy to see and feel.  I asked her what it was like for her generation, and how they feel and she shared with me the fears, and the concerns that her generation suffers from in the USA.  She also shared with me on how Cuba had opened her heart and mind to have some faith in humanity again.  I asked her if she would be open to sharing a little bit with you, my readers and viewers and she agreed to be interviewed.

The youth are crying for our ears and for help.  We all have a role to play now in finding a way to support the youth to have a healthy, safe and free world. I am personally inspired and encouraged that they are starting to stand up, speak up, and fight back against the incredible onslaught of violence and abuse that have been thrown at them from every direction.  Children drugged with Ritalin and other drugs at young ages to be controlled, an over abundance of technology that has distracted them from the kind of peaceful deeper contemplation that my generation was blessed with before tablets and cell phones.  I still remember the freedom of being able to not be discovered, found or distracted for hours on end as a child in those pre-connection days.  The wonder and magic that happened without knowing where I was going or how to get there when I had to rely on others, ask for directions or possibly get lost to become found.

Our youth deserve better.  By hearing them, listening to their very real concerns, and honoring their voices, we can help support them in creating a better future where humanity is a truly shared experience of eye to eye, heart to heart and hand in hand.

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