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The Call

There are some things in life that are inexplicable. Certain burning passions that make no sense to the rational mind but that can’t be denied.

It is that mystery which has captivated my heart and may change my life again.

A deep well suppressed calling is screaming now thru my skull, penetrating my soul and intoxicating my being with a desire for it’s fulfillment.  I have left it waiting too long.  I have barely spoken to it or allowed it to whisper its seductions in the deep of night.  It is now like a hungry awakening creature coming to life as summer fades into the cold.

The dream has been called forth fully in my consciousness now.  A dream of granting myself permission to enter another place and time, of allowing the dark primal pulses of past lives, pure lust and spiritual yearning to merge in the church of rhythm, spirit and flesh.

The dream of leaving modernity’s maladies of money seeking, soul sucking monotony and re-entering the temple of trance, ceremony and music is alive in me.

I am ready for my initiation at last.  Let the spirits move me, as they will.  I will surrender willingly to their commands.

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