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A short Intro Class to Rhumba with Our Featured Teacher Maylenis Ortega

The Breath of Cuba Travel Presents The Return to the Roots™ Rhythm Series with your instructor “La Cubana Pura”  Maylenis from Camagüey, Cuba.

Subscribe to The Breath of Cuba You Tube Channel for more videos on Cuba and if you want to learn Cuban Folkloric music and dance, be sure to subscribe for updates for the Return to the Roots™ Rhythm and Dance Online School where 50% of all profits will go directly to the artists to support the Cuban People and an additional 25% of profits go into projects that benefit Cubans directly through cultural exchanges, marketing and development to help share the roots of Cuban Culture with people around the world. The other 25% will be used to maintain this platform and pay for the marketing to bring this to you.

To donate to the artist: please use Venmo @Cheri-Shanti or paypal at cherishanti@gmail.com and please specify which artist you are donating to.  50% of your donation goes to maintenance and costs of our productions, and 50% goes directly to the artist of your choice.  Cheri hand delivers the donations to Cuba, and all donations are shared with full transparency with the artists so they know what is coming!  Your support makes a difference.  Thank you.

To purchase the book, The Breath of Cuba, please click here.  If you are interested in traveling to Cuba, please consider booking your travel with The Breath of Cuba Travel to support the author.  Cheri offers custom and signature tours to Cuba with or without her services, and works with reputable Cuba Travel Service Providers with over 25 years of experienced bringing travelers to Cuba.  Book and inquire here.  To learn more, subscribe to Cheri’s YouTube Channel.

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