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Learn some Cuban Slang for your Cuba Travel

“Que bola, hacere,” is just one of a zillion Cuban spanish phrases that are common on the streets.  There are two distinct languages in Cuba, Spanish and Cubano.  If you want to learn Cuban spanish, you have to learn more of the street phrases and expand yourself beyond what the text books tell you!

To share a few of those words and phrases, Cheri Shanti went to Miami to visit with Eva Silot Bravo.  Eva is a professional Spanish teacher from Cuba who lives in Miami.   Enjoy this short and entertaining mini course on Cuban street Spanish, and if you’re interested in Spanish Lessons before you go, contact us to take some private classes with our Cuban Spanish Expert, Eva.  She works virtually online or in person.  You’re guaranteed to have a blast and learn a lot!  You can read more of her work on her blog also by clicking here. 


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