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The Music of Life in Cuba

It’s almost impossible to think about Cuba and not feel the passion of it’s music stir inside.  Cuba and it’s contagious, powerful rhythms and melodies are one and the same.  In my almost 8 years of enjoying this culture firsthand in Cuba, I have found that almost 100% of Cuban people who I have asked put music as one of the three most important things in their cultural identity.  It is deeply rooted in their identity, in their expressions, and music and dancing are truly part of the fabric of their existence in Cuba.

It’s common for women and men to dance together, but equally as common for women and women to dance together and men and men to dance together.  Children are encouraged to dance really almost before they can even walk, and it is not uncommon to see them fully expressed and rocking the dance floor by age 3 or 4.  As a musician myself and someone who values the healing power of music in my life and for our world, dancing in Cuba is part of my daily therapy almost every single day.  I am not alone.  Many Cubans dance in their homes while cleaning, or working, and at the drop of the beat, you’ll find they are more than willing to stop whatever they are doing to take a little groove therapy moment.

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