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Return to the Roots
 No people can unify when the roots rot from inside.  
There is a poison that’s been spread wide and far:  Eating the roots, rotting the trees of remembrance
It offers only plastic genetically modified illusionary promises in return
Listen: there is a call, screaming in the wind:  Return to the Roots
You who remember:  You are all that is left.
The lost ones need to look to you now to light the way with your seeds of remembrance
When promises of better, more, faster, easier, wealthier are tempting you into the lion’s den
When soulful music once played on corners where passers by would stop and dance and share their stories of the day thru songs and dances has been replaced by plastic boxes and deafening speakers
Return to the Roots
When the allure of modernity whispers sweet nothings in your ears and the seductive stare of streetlights, fast cars, and neon glowing screens starts to blind you to what you already have, and distracts you from what you are losing
Return to the Roots
When you see your people turning from talking to texting
When time becomes money and you need money to take time
When mom and pops become parking lots for Walmarts and Superstores
Return to the Roots
When the children have forgotten that food grows in the ground
When music is made by machines and not textured by fingers on strings and hands on skins
When your people are becoming lost in the maddening race and pace, seeking the ever dangling never attained carrot on a stick leading you over the edge of insanity
Return to the Roots
When community becomes a place “online”
When eyes don’t meet when you pass on the street
When you’ve been convinced the world is dangerous and that money holds the key to your freedom
When violence amongst people who need each other’s love becomes the norm
When you walk by your neighbor and don’t stop and chat
Return to the Roots
When the walking dead are glamorized for materials and not for merit
When your songs and dances are gone, when your old ones are hidden away and deemed useless
When depression’s dark gloom has wrapped itself inside your people so deep they start to self destruct
When the purpose of life is promoting for profit
Return to the Roots
Return to the Roots people
Return to the Roots.
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