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Cora, Boulder, CO

“Can I just say that I just read the very beginning of your book. Down to Single Woman Bliss- and I have goosebumps. I FEEL your passion and love. I have goosebumps because reading some of those words– I feel some of the same things pulsing through my whole body. I am so hungry for more. More of the book and more of Cuba, that is. Beautifully written. I am so excited to be reading this. Thank you thank you thank you!”

Cameron Powers: Founder of Musical Ambassadors for Peace

I thoroughly enjoyed reading my paper copy of The Breath of Cuba!

Every time Cheri Shanti dares to discard another layer, and peels off, sheds, ditches, elements of her North American cocoon and breathes into the much freer and more liberated Afro-Cuban way of being. I celebrate with her! She’s sharing her path of adventure in this book!  Whoever you are… you can get yourself a copy of this book and celebrate too!

So much ancient wisdom is carried in places like Cuba! Cheri is following her instincts and is on a path of spiritual discovery.

For North Americans who are open and ready to open themselves, there arevaluable lessons and transmissions here. Reclaiming our primal and deep human nature is important; very important. We can’t make sane choices when we are incomplete… Fortunately the ancient music and dance channels, when we open them, work in ecstatic and mystical ways to create profound inner changes!

Thanks, Cheri, for daring to enter and offer precious tastes from these realms!

Ewket Assefa

“I love it! The way you write it just makes me want to continue to read more and more. I can visualize what you are talking about from both my own experience being in Cuba and also from my exposure to different cultures and traveling. Well done Cheri!”  

Kristina Sutcliffe

“I love the fact that the story is not about getting the love from others but finding it within yourself.  I think it is provocatively sensual and thought-provoking. It makes us all want to live a richer life, full of possibilities.”  

Jeanie Williamson, BVI

“I just read Breath of Cuba. I love the way Cheri describes the wind. The love affair she had with the wind and with herself. Oya is what they call the wind in Cuba.

She writes
“Oya can carry me to the far reaches of this earth and beyond, drop me at will and leave me breathless with desire for more of her soul stirring, sensual body licking.
It is through her breath that I have heard the songs of the ancestors singing to me from across the seas, beckoning me to this rock.”

I live on an island too. The US Virgin Islands.

Even when I first moved here in 1983 we were Americanized. The way Cheri describes Cuba with an innocence is important. It is important people get this. She completely gets it.  My husband is from St Kitts. When we go visit I see that their townships are generational, they’ve all know each other for generations, I also see how much they pull together. The bond is real. It is the way American families were before everyone moved here and there. The island is small and life much more basic in a survival way and this keeps family bonds alive in ways Cheri saw and understood.

I enjoyed going on this journey with her and look forward to being able to read Part II and breathe in “The Breath of Cuba” once more.”

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