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Lights Out: Cuba’s Power Problem

The white glowing globe of the full moon hangs between old concrete buildings with rusted metal bars over open windows.  The peeling chipped off paint, in bright, but fading, yellows and blues somehow looks beautiful under the moon.  The streets…

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Where Little Ever Changes

The lush green valley embraces me as we pass over the creek, and a decade of memories begin flowing through me.  The horse beneath me trots along the dusty dirt road and we move together from town into the magical…

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The Gravity of Despair

Crackling thunder and falling rain making rivers out of Trinidad's cobblestone streets bringing trash and debris downstream from the city's center.  The rain has been going on for days now, closing down the nightlife and slowing us all down to…

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A Parade of Memories

I am guilty of not remembering them on this Memorial Day.  They are not first and foremost on my mind even though in my heart I am grateful for all they have done in service to freedom.  Those who lost…

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Lost At Home During Corona Crisis

I wake up yearning for the sounds of the pueblo. My body and brain burn with pressure, stress, and inflammation from a lifestyle that is contra to who I am as a human being. The constant need for phone and…

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We will Dance Again

Her voice on the phone cracks. I can hear in her the same grief, desperation and frustration that I feel so often being away from the magic and music that has become the very fabric of my life in the…

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Salsa Bliss in Trinidad

https://youtu.be/sMoCCMXgL6g https://youtu.be/Z9kphOu1fzA Just another amazing night dancing with friends I adore. This is a dancer and artist I have long since admired in Trinidad and our first dance together after many years of seeing each other out and around. A…

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Flowers Make the World A Happier Place

  • March 18, 2020
  • Blog

On my way home from the market on Saturday, I often stop at the corner of Guiterez and Colon where a friend of mine brings fresh flowers from Topas De Collantes to share with us. He puts so much love…

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