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The Breath of Cuba Part 2: Passion Play To Be Released THIS WEEK
Part 2 to The Breath of Cuba  is FINALLY ready to publish.!
Now is when I need  YOUR HELP!
I’m looking for 20 people (more is fine) who will help me to promote and share the book on a very specific timeline.
To get the best seller badge, everything is timing, so I need a team of friends who is willing to share on very specific days and ask others to purchase the book in EBook or Paperback format!
As a thank you, I will send you a copy of Part 1 to have or share!   
Writing books is a labor of love and a TON of work. 
This is the second in a 3 part sequel, with a novel following the release of Part 3 that will be non fiction, based on my story but with a lot of creative imagination thrown in.
I hope you’ll join the journey. Please sign up here to be on the A Team and get your free download. Thanks and MUCH LOVE!
To Join the A Team to help Cheri get another best seller badge for Part 2: Please Join here!
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