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The Constant “Cola” in Cuba

For nearly 50 years, Cubans have learned to live in conditions that many of us in the “modern world” would find unthinkable and impossible. They have learned to make do with much less, they are creative and can always find solutions to things by working together it seems. They are accustomed to shortages of just about anything and everything and in situations where many people would freak out in the USA, they are calm, patient and even find ways to enjoy the experiences of waiting in line by sharing their lives, talking and finding companionship in their struggles.

The pressure of the embargo in recent months has for sure had an impact on certain things, and yet the Cubans for the most part just keep rolling with it and take it in stride. I do not know how much longer that will be the case, the younger generations are frustrated I think more than the elders, because the elders have gone thru it for so long and they just don’t get too worked up.

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