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A Cuban’s Personal Perspective: #1 Vladimir Speaks

The People Speak: Cuba Connection

This is a great share from one of my friends, Vladimir, from Cuba.  His perspective might just surprise you. Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more updates and keep posted, lots more to come!  Join me in Cuba anytime, you can contact me here on the website for any support or travel help, and I offer really fun intensives for drum/dance/culture and lifestyle work.  Check it out here.  

To purchase the book, The Breath of Cuba, please click here.  If you are interested in traveling to Cuba, please consider booking your travel with The Breath of Cuba Travel to support the author.  Cheri offers custom and signature tours to Cuba with or without her services, and works with reputable Cuba Travel Service Providers with over 25 years of experienced bringing travelers to Cuba.  Book and inquire here.  To learn more, subscribe to Cheri’s YouTube Channel.

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