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The Inner Realm

Most days I feel very much like an exile from my own country.

I feel forced out by a system that has no heart left for humanity, and some kind of insane sickness that has spread amongst the people and youth who are killing each other for sport.

I am enraged that the president we have is such a low representation of all of the worst of humanity.

I am equally enraged that the costs of living continue to rise so high that being able to retire or care for myself in future years-old age if I live that long- seems next to impossible.

I’m de-Americanizing myself in Cuba, and even if I wanted to go back and start again on the insane treadmill of striving, I don’t know if the price I would pay would be worth it in peace of mind, in health, and in finances.

Nothing in my country feels sane or safe anymore, save a few kind souls I know who are struggling themselves to live in an insane system.. it feels like a game of Russian roulette where you never know which day you might be the next victim of a gun violence explosion or exorbiant health care costs.

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