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The People Speak: On Politics & Fidel

fidel-castroVideo 3 of a 4 part series with my friend in Cuba.

Another perspective, although brief, on an aspect of the story of Fidel that few people know, on the loyalty he has instilled in many Cubans for the dignity they feel he instilled in them.

I can tell you that I hear this same story repeated by many many many Cubans there: as always two sides to every story: or maybe more.

Cubans don’t agree with everything he did, by any means. As with any political leader, there are points of contention, but overall in Cuba, I hear more people privately discussing that they don’t want “too much change,” but they do, of course want some.  Most often the changes I hear that they want are more about access to information and to be able to travel freely.  The economy is changing rapidly there and those changes are bringing their own challenges: economic disparity, a bigger gap between people who suddenly now “have,” and those who likely never will have.

Education and infrastructure will be two of the most important and crucial investments in Cuba in moving forward in a way that will maintain some balance.  How can we support Cuba having an opportunity to find a balance between the worlds?  As always this is my question, my quest and my passion to explore, witness and study.

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