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FiDanza: A Celebration of Dance

FiDanza happens every year in Trinidad, Cuba at the end of April.

Hosted at the Casa de Cultura, Palenque and other cultural music spots in the city, FiDanza features all types of dance forms from folkloric to modern and ballet.

The event is primarily to showcase and inspire the youth but takes the village of Trinidad over with several days of incredible performances.  The powerful and contagious spirit and energy of the youth spills into the streets day and night for these four days.   True to Cuban culture, most of the drum and dance community in Trinidad including the professional dancers and musicians,  the elders who have been dancing and drumming for generations, instructors and cultural arts supporters, all show up  to support, and witness the next generations of professionals coming up in Cuba.

It was an amazing experience to get to be in Trinidad for the event. Participants came from all over Cuba: Pinar Del Rio, Havana, Camaguey, Santiago de Cuba, Santi Spiritus, Cinnfuegos and of course our local professional talent from Trinidad was there representing powerfully.  The choreography was fabulous, and the amount of time, devotion and energy these young Cubans have already demonstrated in their lives was easy to see in their professionalism, and skill levels.  Salsa, folkloric, modern, ballet, and the Afro roots of the culture all blended together in a 4 day dance spectacular that showcased the diversity as well as the raw musicality and expression of these young Cubans.  I’ll be sharing more videos and some history of some of these dances in the coming days so keep posted and please subscribe to my YouTube Channel and keep posted.

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