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Phoenix Rising

Sweetness returning as my beloved stirs softly within me. Like a long lost lover returning from the depths of hell, reborn from fire into an unbreakable steel and a compassion that comes only from facing the darkness with full awareness, full resolve and the determination of a warrior of love.

She is still quiet, she has nothing to prove to anyone.  Her life is the testimony to her resolve and perseverance of love. Her armor, shield and sword sit in a pile on the cold floor of her abode.  Her crown is dusty but unbroken.  I am her vessel and nothing more.  I will never deny her when she rises in me.  We lay together, walk together and share every moment, the warrior and the woman.  I have yet to beckon her fully, but soon the time will come and we will rise together for another dance around the moon.

Who will she rise as in me this time?  Her voice seeks new songs, her feet need new rhythms, her heart is fiercely peaceful, present and powerful. Her great tests lie before her in a pool infinitely deep and beyond unfathomable.  Suffering has long since ceased, her presence will again bring light and love to the world, and shine through her to emblazon all darkness through her eyes. 

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